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Write and perform

The write and perform classes showcase the brightest and most creative talents. It is a joy to see and hear the performances of original work. Entrants will need to enter via the Play&Perform platform by 23rd January 2023 and then also submit the manuscripts or scores to Play&Perform by 13th February 2023.

These classes will be adjudicated virtually and the winners will be announced on the first day of the festival. 

Put a poem here

Notebook and Pen

Click here to access the syllabus for poetry, prose and drama, including the 'Write and perform a short story' classes. 

These classes are free to enter. These are virtual classes and will be adjudicated by Kevin Brooke, author and Young Writer Ambassador at Worcestershire Lit Fest. Click here to find out all about Kevin and his work.

Entries MUST be made online via Play&Perform. Entries will be displayed at the festival and selected entrants may be invited to perform their work at the festival or to submit a video or audio performance to be played at the festival. Winners will also have their work displayed on the WCAF website. By entering the competition and submitting their work, entrants agree that their story can be used for marketing purposes.

We look forward to reading your story. The judges will be looking for adherence to the theme, originality, imagination and the ability to craft and then perform your story in a manner that engages the audience.

  • The limit on the word count is approximately 300 words.

  • Judges' decisions are final.

  • You agree that your story can be used for marketing purposes.

  • You will retain all copyright for your story for future use. 

  • Submitted pieces must not have been published elsewhere and must be the entrant’s original work.

  • Entries must be in English.

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