The virtual festival will be very different to the usual festival but all competitors will still receive a comment sheet and a virtual certificate that can be printed at home.

Unfortunately, medals and trophies will not be awarded for all classes this year.


However, following on after the competition is the Festival Concert,  a prestigious occasion in which the finest actors, singers, instrumentalists, choirs and bands are selected from the whole two weeks of the competitive stages and invited to perform. The prizes are formally presented at this occasion. We are very much hoping that this will be able to go ahead in some form. More details to follow as soon as possible.



Classes attracting special trophies and awards

(see the syllabus for full description and entry requirements)


  • Worcester Arts Council trophies for High Achievement

  • Vale Piano Trophy for Piano Solo

  • Severn Arts Award for an Instrumental Player in 2021

  • Bertulis Solo Verse Speaking Challenge Trophy

  • Write & Speak A Poem - vouchers for winners in each class 

  • Rotary Young Performer of the Year Trophy

  • William Lewis Recital Salver and £100 Prize

  • Sproule Trophy and Prize for Drama and Music £50

  • Marion Baker Memorial Cup and Prize £45

  • Solo Acting Festival Prize £50

Severn Arts Award

The Severn Arts Outstanding Instrumentalist award 2021 will be presented in 2021 to the most outstanding instrumentalist at Grade 4 and above. It is a solo award and comes with a term's free membership to Severn Arts Intermediate Ensemble.


For further information and how to apply see


Festival Concert & presentations

Huntingdon Hall

Monday 27th March 2021 at 7.00 pm

Tickets £7.50 (U16s Free)

This celebratory evening promises to enthral you with an eclectic variety of music and drama performed by exceptionally talented entrants from the 69th Worcester Competitive Arts Festival. A show to appeal to all tastes, it will include vocal, drama, instrumental, poetry, musical theatre, classical, rock and pop, culminating with the presentation of Worcester Arts Council Trophies for High Achievement in Music and Drama.








We had a good mix of entries in the different age groups for this class which was adjudicated by Giovanni Esposito in isolation.


Congratulations to John Morris, the overall winner with his poem ‘Colin, the Allergic Bee’ receiving the following adjudicator’s remarks: “I really enjoyed this! Witty, clever and a difficult form to maintain in a narrative poem! Very well done!”

Colin, The Allergic Bee


Colin is the strangest of bees, He’s afflicted by weird allergies, So, when he settles On any petals He’ll cough, and he’ll wheeze and he’ll sneeze.


For him spring and summer are hell, Can’t stand the sweet, flowery smell, With one sniff of flowers, He’ll be sneezing for hours, His eyes and his whole face will swell.


When he flies round pollen filled skies, Tears stream from puffed up, bloodshot eyes, So, he goes out no more, ‘Cus his eyes get so sore, And he can’t blow his nose as he flies.


The other bees all give him abuse, ‘Cus each day he’ll use the excuse, “My nose is so runny, I cannot make honey.” They all say, “As a bee you’re no use!”


So, the bee with the flower allergy. Found life a complete misery, While others fetched pollen, Alone would sit Colin. How sad could a honeybee be?


‘Til one day, a gang of wasps came, To steal honey, yes that was their aim, Colin guarded the hive, One bee against five, Determined to thwart their little game.


Though he knew that the odds were unfair He fixed them with a puffy-eyed stare, Then said, with a sneeze, “I’ve a dreadful disease, Though with luck, you won’t catch it from there.


They screamed when he stood in the light, His face such a terrible sight, They said with a buzz, “Don’t give it to us!” Then turned tail and flew off in fright.


Now Colin’s a hero amongst bees, They all say, when they hear him sneeze, “His face may look funny, But he saved our honey,” They agree, Colin is the bees’ knees.


John Morris