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Award Winner

Prizewinners 2022

Many congratulations to our prizewinners who gave outstanding performances.




Elizabeth and Evilia Ray

Iris, Posy and Margot Hudson

Michelle Zigi Zhu

Rosa Gray

Jasmine Went

Georgina Hamilton

Posy Hudson

Ismaeel Bahadur

Ismaeel Bahadur

Viera Madden

Jasmine Went

Antonia Billington

Daniel Munn

Inner Wheel Young Performer Trophy                 

Rotary Cup for Drama

Vale Pianos Trophy                                                   

Sproule trophy & prize                                                      

Marian Baker Memorial Cup                                       

William Lewis Memorial Salver                                          

Bertulis Solo Verse Speaking Challenge Trophy                   

Bertulis Trophy Write & Speak                                           

Own Composition Online

Worcester Arts Council Trophy - Drama                             

Worcester Arts Council Trophy - Music                              

Festival Prize for Solo Acting                                            

Severn Arts Trophy for an inspirational instrumental player


If you won a trophy please ensure you return it, in the packaging provided, to the Festival by the end of January. It would also be greatly appreciated if you could make sure the trophy is returned cleaned. Thank you.

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