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Award Winner

Get to know our adjudicators 

Debra Bertulis will be adjudicating original work poems and the Bertulis Trophy for Set Verse Speaking at WCAF this year. Read on to learn a little bit more about her...

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Debra Bertulis

Debra gained her Teaching Licentiate at The New Era Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2012. She taught poetry recital in independent and state schools for many years before committing her time to writing and teaching writing.

She now visits schools around the UK and overseas, inspiring children to compose and recite their own poems and describes it as her dream job. 

She has two poetry collections published with award winning publishers and her third collection will be published in 2025.

Her poems are performed at Speech Festivals and in Primary schools worldwide and included on the LAMDA syllabus.

She’s a passionate advocate for poetry being used in all its forms as a tool to aid self confidence and enhance communication skills, in both children and adults. 

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