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Rock and Pop


We are excited to announce that the Rock and Pop sections will be taking place once again at the iconic Marr's Bar in Worcester city centre. 

This whole part of the festival has been revamped, with different, specialist adjudicators and new classes, including singer-songwriter classes and DJ classes. There are lots of non-competitive and competitive opportunities for vocal and instrumental soloists and groups, performing cover versions or their own music. 

Andy McAllister will be adjudicating this year. 

The team from Sunshine Festival will be offering the chance for chosen bands or groups to perform at Sunshine Festival again this year! 


Click here to see the fantastic time performers

had at Sunshine Festival this summer. 

Thanks so much to Sunshine Festival for their sponsorship. Find out more and get tickets here:

The rock and pop sections will take place on 

Sundays 10th and 17th March 2023

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The above link to the syllabus is only for the rock and pop sections. The combined festival syllabus can be found here.

Entries MUST be made online via Play&Perform.

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