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Award Winner

Get to know our adjudicators and workshop leaders

Kevin Brooke will be adjudicating short stories at WCAF this year and also leading some of the creative writing workshops. Read on to learn a little bit more about him...

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Kevin Brooke

Kevin Brooke is adjudicating the Write a Short Story Online sections and leading short story workshops this year. He is a massive fan of young people's writing. His children's book 'Max & Luchia: The Game Makers' is based on the power of imagination and inspired by the incredible ideas he has heard in schools, drama clubs and storytelling events as a Story Knight over the years. He is Patron of Reading at Blessed Edward Oldcorne, Young Writer Ambassador at Worcestershire Litfest and was part of the judging panel for the Worcestershire Young Poet Laureate competition 2021. He has written four books for young people and along with 'Max & Luchia the Game Makers', both 'Jimmy Cricket' and 'The Objectors' are published at Black Pear Press.

We caught up with Kevin to find out his top tops for preparing for a performance at a festival...

reparation is everything. If you can practice your performance  a number of times before the day, it will make you feel much more comfortable. Also, when you’ve practiced a few times, try and imagine that you are in the performance space with people watching, including the judges. Hopefully, this will help to calm your nerves on the day and good luck! You will be great!

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