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THE ANNUAL Worcester Competitive Arts Festival gave talented actors and musicians a chance to come together from all over the county to perform before a packed audience.

The festival concert, held at RGS Worcester in the Tything, saw performers show off their skills in a range of genres and disciplines.

At the Concert on March 25, The Hon Lady Morrison gave out prizes with the Arts Trophy in Music going to an up and coming opera singer, Emily Mustoe and the Arts Trophy in Drama going to pupils at RGS The Grange.

The city’s Mayor, Councillor Jabba Riaz visited on both Festival days and was able to see a variety of classes and gave out prizes to performers in both Music and Drama.

The Festival has been running for over sixty years and is for musicians and actors and speakers ranging from primary school age children to adults and well over 500 people took part. Cash prizes, trophies and medals are awarded.

The classes are adjudicated mainly by adjudicators from the British and International Federation of Festivals. Rosemary Hopkins, festival chairman, said: "There has been some excellent feedback from the adjudicators, teachers and parents congratulating the Festival on its friendly and welcoming approach.

"The Festival is for everyone and the achievement of standing up before an audience and performing is a life skill for the future, helping them go on to further enhance their work."



pupils from RGS The Grange

with the Arts Council Drama Trophy

for High Achievement.

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