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Music Class


The woodwind classes are for any woodwind instruments, including recorder, clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon and saxphone.  Woodwind ensembles may also include percussion.

Music Class

The above link to the syllabus is only for the brass and woodwind sections. This includes recorder.


The combined festival syllabus can be found here.

Entries MUST be made online via Play&Perform.

There are several special classes that woodwind players may also wish to enter:

  • Performers aged 6 or under may wish to enter the Party Piece class. 

  • More advanced performers may wish to enter the William Lewis Recital class. Entrants to this class should prepare a 15-minute recital of 2 or more contrasting pieces. 

  • The Marian Baker memorial class is another recital class for which a minimum standard of Grade 6 on two contrasting pieces is required.

  • The Sproule class is for performers up to the age of 15. Competitors must perform a poem or an acted scene AND a song or a piece of music on any instrument.

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