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Testimonials & Festival Memories


Write to us with your festival memories, testimonials and photographs. Get in touch via the contact page!

Festival 2020

Festival 2019


"The WCAF has become a very important part of Bengeworth Academy's calendar, and pupils love everything about it. The excitement is electric every year and even those who didn't manage to win a medal want to take part next year, which is what its all about, isn't it.


Festivals really are the only way children can speak before a large audience that isn't their school. School is scary enough, but it's a still a familiar, 'safe' environment. Many children will never have the chance to speak to a large audience outside school. Speaking at a Festival before strangers and being watched and considered by a professional adjudicator is very different, but oh so valuable! I know you make a difference because parents tell me so. Little buds become blossoming flowers and when their teachers tell me who is now finally putting their hand up in class, who has asked for a part in the school play when they were always happy to be a 'tree' I know where that's come from. Together, you all make a terrific difference to children's lives. The WCAF experience stays with them for a very long time and the benefits manifest themselves several times over in every sphere of their lives. So, thank you from all at Bengeworth for providing these opportunities, because, without your tireless dedication, there would be precious little.


The new Certificates are stunning, very high quality, and I'm sure many parents will want to frame them. Everything from the refreshments to the adjudication is always spot on.


THANK YOU from us all here at Bengeworth. Hopefully, budget permitting, we will see you next year!"


I've been taking part in the Worcester Competitive Arts Festival for six years, now. This is the first time I've won a monologue class. The competition was really fierce - I can't believe I won. I'm thrilled!


U12 Solo Acting Class 2016 Winner, Georgina Wood



I remember the first time I came to the festival. I was so nervous as it was unlike anything I had ever had the opportunity to participate in. Everyone was so supportive of one another, an environment that challenges and showcases incredible young talent. Receiving feedback on performances from such esteemed judges has really pushed my development as a performer, giving me growing confidence in my own abilities that has been reflected over the many years that I have attended. Winning this prize has proved that perseverance and hard work is noticed. I am honoured and very proud, so take the leap of faith and enter!

Flora Barber

2017 Winner

More memories...


I'm chuffed because it was a really tough competition, and everyone else's performances were excellent!

U10 Solo Acting Class 2016 Winner, Olivia Sproule


I wasn't expecting to win! It was just about worth missing the England vs Wales match!

U12 Verse Speaking Class 2016 Winner, Tom Skerett

U10 Group Devised Drama Class 2016 Winners, Archie Davis, Matthew Vickers and Finlay Wood -


I came second in the U12 prose reading class. I've had a really lovely day. The cake was really delicious too!!!

U12 Prose Reading class 2016 Runner Up, Isabella Trow


More memories...

I've been competing in the Worcester Festival for a few years now.


I really enjoy coming to Worcester as it's always been a really friendly atmosphere amongst the competitors, adjudicators and organisers. It's always nice to get a warm welcome from friendly faces each year. I feel the adjudicators are always informative and give extremely useful feedback and performance tips. It felt like a real honour to be selected for the High Achievement Award as the other competitors were of such a high standard, and winning this trophy was one of my proudest moments so far.


Worcester Arts Council High Achievement Award2015 Winner, Caitlin Marshall


I couldn't believe it when I won - I didn't think I would because the other boys' pieces were longer and more difficult than mine. The adjudicator was really nice and gave really great feedback. I was completely speechless afterwards, and would definitely do it again!


Under 10 Brass Solo 2015 Winner, Amelia Davies


I'm so pleased that our orchestra won - I was particularly pleased that I didn't make any mistakes in my part. I was nervous because the percussion section was high up on the stage and everyone could see me. Although my teacher had to encourage me at first to participate in the orchestra, I'm very happy that I did join in the end, because it has been a brilliant experience.


Gabriel Tilbury, drummer.

Under 10 Orchestra 2015 Winner

“On Sunday, Henry and I arrived a little apprehensive at Paul Farrer's studio. Paul immediately put us at ease and took us into his studio to show us the computer software that he used and talked about some of the work he had done recently. We were given the opening credits for the TV show 'Tumble' and were told that by the end of the workshop we would have composed music to go with the credits. Paul showed us how to use the software and gave suggestions about what to do. At first I think both Henry and I were a little unsure about getting involved but as the session went on we started to get to grips with the complex software. As predicted by the end of the session, we had composed a piece of music with many different layers including a melody, trumpets, counter melody, drum rhythms, strings, electric guitar and of course sparkles. The workshop gave me a lot of useful skills which can be taken forward and used in any type of composition. As well as being hugely interesting the workshop was also tremendous fun and if given the opportunity I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.”


Caitlin Sharpe

2014 Composition Prize Runner Up

For many years I participated in the Worcester Competitive Arts Festival, competing in classes from verse speaking to Acting. The festival for me was an annual event that created wonderful memories and taught me valuable lessons that have helped me establish a career for myself. As a young competitor I would watch the older competitors perform and aspire to learn from their pieces. Thanks to the festival I had the chance to challenge myself with more demanding texts and perform for well-established adjudicators who always gave me insightful advice and critique. This helped me improve my acting as well as grow in confidence.  I have had many good memories and experiences at the festival such as performing in the winners’ concert and being awarded a week’s work experience with a professional theatre company. The festival truly inspired me to follow my dreams to become an actress.


Roisin Richardson

"It's a great performing platform, and gives you confidence. The feedback is really useful".


Jude Wynter, 2014 Winner

Rotary Young Performer of the Year and Music 47 Trophy

 “I was scared and nervous but when I won I was really proud of myself and I can’t wait to do it again”.


Lydia Dimmock          

“It was so good for my singing as I got to sing in front of a room of people and I loved winning my medal”.


Scarlett Burton         

"It's great to perform in a friendly atmosphere".


Marian Baker Memorial Cup 2014 Winner

Hayden Phillips


I entered three categories: 'Write and Speak a Poem', 'Prose Reading 10 Years and Under', and 'Verse Reading 10 Years and under'. On the day of the festival, I rushed from class to class and I was so excited to win all three! When the adjudicator started reading out the results for the third class, I couldn't believe it when he read my name out as the winner. I was very pleased to be asked to perform at the Winners' concert. I was so nervous, but I enjoyed it very much. The Worcester Festival is a great experience which I will always remember taking part in.


Harry Sproule, 2013 Winner

Write and Speak a Poem, Prose Reading 10 Years and Under, Verse Reading 10 Years and Under.

 “After getting over the shock and excitement of winning the high achievement award for drama, you can imagine my delight to be told I would be spending the week with a professional touring theatre company, the Middle Ground Theatre Company. I have always wanted to be a professional actress and this experience has only reaffirmed my hunger and desire to one day tread the boards.


Michael Lunney Prize 2013 winner, Olivia Mai Withey


"The WCAF has become a very important part of Bengeworth Academy's calendar, and pupils love everything about it. The excitement is electric every year and even those who didn't manage to win a medal want to take part next year, which is what its all about, isn't it."

Debra Bertulis - Bengeworth Academy

“Thank you so much for inviting me to adjudicate at your friendly and successful festival and please pass on my gratitude to all concerned. My two desk clerks looked after me beautifully. I had a lovely day and the Festival must be proud of all its enthusiastic entrants.”

Louise Manders - Adjudicator 2019

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